OKO Group's New Project in Palm Beach: Speculation, Controversy, a Game-Changer

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The anticipation is palpable as the OKO Group, helmed by renowned developer Vlad Doronin, alongside Jonathan Goldstein of Cain International, sets its sights on a transformative new project in Palm Beach. Situated on the oceanfront site of the old Ambassador Hotel, this development promises to introduce the first new branded building in the area in a long time. While speculation abounds regarding the brand—be it Aman, Janu, or another luxury name—the project is already generating significant buzz and some controversy.

Project Overview

The proposed resort and residences, located at 2720 and 2730 S. Ocean Blvd., mark a significant venture for the southern tip of Palm Beach. The development, still in its early stages, has not yet been officially branded. Despite this, the involvement of Vlad Doronin, owner of Aman, has fueled speculation that it could become a flagship Aman or a Janu Hotel.

Community Response and Controversy

The project has not been without its detractors. Some longtime residents express concerns about the potential impact on the neighborhood. The board of directors at The 2770, a neighboring beachfront condo, has voiced opposition to proposed zoning changes, worried about the future implications for the South End of Palm Beach.

OKO Group and Cain International have been proactive in addressing these concerns. A spokesperson stated, “We share the Council’s belief that an ultra-luxury, low-density residential development will enhance the surrounding neighborhood while reducing impacts on the community. Our team will follow the Council’s input in determining the right path forward as we further develop our plans.” This commitment to community engagement highlights the developers' dedication to creating a harmonious and high-caliber development.

Proposed Development Features

The ambitious plans for this development aim to blend luxury with sustainability. The project includes a comprehensive structural revitalization, where the oceanfront building will be reduced from seven stories to five, and the lakefront structure will be increased to five stories. These changes are designed to offer more spacious and comfortable living spaces.

Additionally, the project will feature significant green enhancements. An underground parking garage will replace the existing hardscape, paving the way for a greener and more vibrant landscape. This change underscores the developers' commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Moreover, the development includes proposed amendments to the zoning code governing the high-density zoning district. These changes cover various aspects such as front-yard setbacks, balconies, underground garages, and the inclusion of rooftop decks and amenities under specific conditions. These adjustments aim to modernize the code and enable the realization of state-of-the-art architectural features, ensuring that the development aligns with contemporary standards and enhances the overall residential experience.

A Vision for the Future

This development is more than just a luxury project; it represents a significant shift for Palm Beach’s South End. The project promises to reshape the skyline and introduce a new era of upscale living. Located just half a mile north of the Lake Worth Beach Pier, on what locals call Condominium Row, this venture holds the potential to elevate the area's value and residential experience significantly.

As OKO Group and Cain International move forward with their plans, the Palm Beach Town Council will play a pivotal role in shaping the project's future. The forthcoming presentations and continued dialogue with the community will be crucial in ensuring the development aligns with local values and expectations.

While the brand and final details remain to be seen, there is no doubt that this project will be a game-changer for Palm Beach. The collaboration between Doronin and Goldstein, coupled with a commitment to luxury and community enhancement, promises to deliver a development of unparalleled caliber.

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