You’d Be Surprised Which Paint Colors Could Make Your Home Sell for More

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When it comes to selling your home, first impressions are everything. While staging and curb appeal are crucial, the color of your walls can also significantly impact buyers' perceptions and, ultimately, the sale price. According to a recent report by Zillow, certain paint colors can boost your home's value, while others might detract from it. Here’s a closer look at which hues could help you sell your home for more.

The Power of Gray

Gray has emerged as a standout color in the real estate market. The Zillow report, which surveyed 4,700 recent and prospective home buyers, found that dark gray walls are particularly appealing. In the kitchen, a deep graphite shade can add an estimated $2,512 to the sale price of a home compared to similar properties. Midtone gray can increase offers by up to $2,553.

In living rooms, dark gray also proved advantageous, with potential buyers willing to pay at least $1,755 more. The psychological appeal of gray, which connotes safety and retreat, may explain its popularity. As people seek homes that offer a refuge from the hectic outside world, gray's calming effect makes it a desirable choice.

The Downside of Certain Shades

While gray can boost a home’s appeal, not all gray applications are beneficial. The report indicates that gray floors could actually decrease the value, with buyers potentially offering $3,365 less. Similarly, white kitchens, traditionally seen as timeless and clean, might lead to offers that are $612 lower.

The Front Door Factor

Another interesting finding from the Zillow study is the impact of front door colors. Black front doors are favored over gray ones, suggesting that a bold, classic entrance can enhance curb appeal and attract higher offers.

Why Paint Color Matters

Painting is a relatively simple and affordable DIY project, but its impact on a home’s sale price can be significant. Amanda Pendleton, Zillow’s home-trend expert, explains that buyers, who often lack extensive experience in home buying, rely heavily on visual cues. The right color can signal that a home is modern and well-maintained, making it more attractive.

Interior designer and color psychology specialist Mehnaz Khan notes that buyers have been influenced by the dark gray spaces seen in home improvement shows and on social media. This exposure, combined with gray's association with security and retreat, makes it a compelling choice for many.

Making the Right Choice

When preparing to sell your home, consider these key takeaways:

  • Dark Gray Walls: Especially in kitchens and living rooms, dark gray can increase your home's sale price significantly.
  • Avoid Gray Floors: While gray walls are a hit, gray flooring might turn buyers away.
  • Front Door Colors: Opt for a black front door to maximize curb appeal and attract higher offers.

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